Velicham strongly believes that financial inclusion and micro-credit are the most potent tools to transform the socio-economic conditions of the rural people. Witnessing their financial illiteracy and difficulties in accessing formal financial institutions, we stepped forward to help increase their income levels and living standards through our microfinance operations. Investing in their growth leads to fewer households in poverty and also gives them an easy access to a range of high-quality financial services.

Our aim is to propagate a scalable business that gives better livelihood opportunities to thousands of families while maintaining service quality, portfolio and of all transparency with the customers. Our areas of operation have vast potential availability where there is a massive scale of rural poor who have no access to basic banking service. We intend to serve that significant number of people who mostly belong to agrarian background, artisans, traders and women entrepreneurs. Velicham can effortlessly undertake these operations through the trust and customer base it has through its parent organization – Bharathi Women Development Center, a highly accomplished 30-year-old society formed for the development of rural women. Velicham’s objective is to grow through pooling the available resources and connect with new interested investors who can help in our quest for development and make it an attractive investment opportunity.

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