Rahul Nagarajan


Rahul Nagarajan is the Director of the company who is currently providing guidance and support in the functions of the Organization. Rahul holds a dual Masters in Management and International Business from The University of Texas at Dallas, USA. He is an expert in process improvement, Lean & Six Sigma, Scrum and Project Management. Prior to taking up this responsibility, he was working as an Operational Excellence Specialist in many Process Development projects with International experience management company Altair Global in the USA. He played a major role therein assisting the company’s operational excellence, supplier selection, Diversity & Inclusion, Learning and Development, and experience management. Formerly, Mr. Rahul acted as the Vice President of Global Business Organization and the Director of the Project Management Office for Society of Sustainable Bussiness at the University of Texas at Dallas. He also conducted sessions, guiding 250+ students on wide subjects on business and management at his alma mater.

Besides, he also took part in microfinance summits, conferences and sustainable development projects with MFI’s in India and Ethiopia. He exclusively travelled around more than 13 countries including the UK, Australia, Spain, Germany and Portugal to work with industries and to understand its overall organizational function and behaviour. He has a deep interest in reaching out and improving the lives of the needy through financial services and running a purpose-driven business.

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