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Velicham, meaning ‘light,’ is a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) Established in 2016, envisioned to brighten the lives by providing sustainable financial products for entrepreneurs, artisans, traders, and agriculturists, and every family looking forward to a new start! Operating on the vision to economically benefit society, Velicham focuses on small and medium lending projects to help businesses to achieve exponential growth, and the top-notch tech facilities promote seamless operations.

We welcome all stakeholders to join us to serve the community via sustainable products and services catered to the small finance sector. Mutual growth is the fundamental philosophy of our organization.

Cutting Edge Technology

Superior Facilities at Velicham provide a seamless experience for the customers. From mobile-based loan approval to exceptional dada analytics, technology at the company has created a smart ecosystem to help our clients grow.

  • Enables fast loan approvals
  • Helps in upscaling growth at both ends of the spectrum

Loan Process

Powering the future, the entire loan process is accomplished by the mobile application. The process begins with Velicham conducting door-step verification to certify the customer application through the various integrated APIs. Advanced technology enables a seamless process to achieve the client’s needs also to evaluate the risks, and maintain a quality portfolio simultaneously.

  • Powers Hassle-free document verification process
  • Data-driven loan approval process

Investor Relations

Velicham acts as the bridge between the investors and the customers, and the company believes in attaining mutual growth while maintaining service quality. Achieving exponential growth in AUM and profits, Velicham is built on the ESG framework, where along with ESG, the focus has always been on accomplishing investor goals and ambitions.

  • Provides easy access to High-quality financial services
  • Transparency and superior service quality
  • Delivering triple bottom line impact


Providing a healthy ecosystem for individuals to grow, Velicham believes in providing career opportunities for young and experienced candidates. Employees are encouraged to share their views and take up additional responsibilities to venture into new areas to strengthen company growth.

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With the primary objective to encourage development, Velicham strongly believes in the responsibility to address deep-rooted social and cultural issues and challenges that are hindering...

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Case Studies

Explore different business segments and communities associated with the team.

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