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Velicham, meaning ‘light,’ is a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) Established in 2016, envisioned to brighten the lives by providing sustainable financial products for entrepreneurs, artisans, traders, and agriculturists, and every family looking forward to a new start! Operating on the vision to economically benefit society, Velicham focuses on small and medium lending projects to help businesses to achieve exponential growth. the top-notch tech facilities provide seamless processes and excellent customer experience.

Velicham acts as a ray of hope in different areas of Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry by offering a reliable funding source for our customers. From entrepreneurs to agriculturists, everybody can rely on Velicham for sustainable financial products and services and empower their profession for a better socio-economic outcome. Velicham plays a vital role in the transfer of wealth by creating an effective bridge between the different stakeholders. Our innovative range of products offers reliable service, and the team is always available for constant handholding.

Velicham uses advanced technology to pace up the loan approval process, narrowing the gap between customers and their financial needs. Similarly, the loan accessibility becomes seamless for the merchants, farmers, and other entrepreneurs. Growing together, Velicham unleashes the hidden talents in its working areas.

We welcome all stakeholders to join us to serve the community via sustainable products and services catered to the small finance sector. Mutual growth is the fundamental philosophy of our organization.


Continuous support through diversified Financial Products & Services


Financial Empowerment of Businesses and Families




Company Presence

The company headquarter is located at Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu, with 24+ branches in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. Velicham aims to achieve a nationwide presence to empower strategic growth for every family looking for a new start.

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