Trust and Mutual growth

Velicham has achieved exponential growth in the last five years. With an amazing track record, the company is revolutionizing the socio-economic condition in its working area. Velicham strongly believes that financial inclusion is the most potent tool to transform the socio-economic conditions of the household and enterprises. Our aim is to propagate a scalable business that gives better livelihood opportunities to thousands of families while maintaining service quality, portfolio, and of all, transparency with the customers.

Our operational area has vast potential to scale our services to those who have difficulties in accessing formal financial institutions. We intend to serve those unserved and underserved people who mostly belong to semi-urban and rural communities, especially micro-enterprises and agrarian communities. Velicham believes in partnerships and collaborations to build world-class organizations, and we are ready to get connected with investors who can join in our quest to create impact and make it an attractive investment opportunity.

Velicham acts as the bridge between the investors and the customers, and the company believes in attaining mutual growth while maintaining trust & service quality. Achieving exponential growth in AUM and profits, Velicham has always accomplished investor goals and ambitions.

  • Provides easy access to High-quality financial services
  • Transparency and superior service quality
  • Delivering triple bottom line impact

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