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Loans for Agricultural Development

The Velicham team is committed to supporting the agricultural and allied sector using a systematic and timely supply of financial products. Velicham also strongly believes in uplifting the small and marginal farmers to create a very high impact in the community. The company has well-designed loans to exclusively serve this segment at an affordable rate. Catered to the oldest Indian sector, Farmers from selected sectors and any Agri-Allied activity can avail of this loan at Velicham.

  • Systematic and affordable product.
  • Aims at achieving agricultural development in different nooks of the country

Loan Features

Loan Size: 0.75 lakhs to 5 lakhs

Tenure: 1 to 3 Years

Vintage: More than one year

Cash Flow based assessment

Diminishing Balance Interest Rate


With a dedicated team assigned to analyze the business prospects, Farmers will be at ease when they look forward to expanding their activities. As the customer moves forward to avail of the loan at the branch, the team ensures a seamless loan approval process.

  • Ease out the loan approval process using advanced technology
  • Special in-house consultation to promote growth
  • Excellent customer experience
  • Ensure timely access to credit

How it works

Home-Visit Consultation

This step involves CRO meeting the client and initiating the application.

Multipoint Verification and Field-Inspection

Using integrated APIs and a field credit team, the team verifies customer information as the approval procedure moves forward.

On-spot Loan Approval

As the customer meets the requirement, the loan is approved on-spot.

Loan Disbursement and Usage Verification

The loan is disbursed to the customer’s bank account. On the other hand, Velicham team members keep a check on loan usage.

Digital and Field Collection

With field collection as an option, Velicham promotes digital payments for a seamless transaction.


Case Studies


Sudar Sakthi, Arivizhimangalam ( Nannilam) Petty Shop Muthulakshmi is a 42-year-old widowed woman from Arivizhimangalam village of Thiruvarur district. She runs a petty shop attached to her residence. She sells...

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Andal Sakthi, Thirukannapuram (Nannilam) Purpose of loan: Dairy Sundharavalli works as an Anganwadi employee in a nearby school and seemed happy to meet me with the field officer. After the...

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Sri Mahakaliyamman Sakthi, Aprakudi (Thiruthuraipoondi) Purpose of loan: Plastic business Amutha is a young woman from Aprakkudi, a small village in Thiruvarur district of Tamil Nadu. She is a mother...

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