How Velicham is helping people?

Velicham Finance is a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC), solely dedicated to improving the livelihoods in rural communities and most importantly, providing them with the financial backbone for sustained growth and economic independence.

We specifically reach out to the unbanked sectors of our communities and accelerate their economical growth and expand their financial horizons, by empowering them financially. At Velicham, we take immense pride in galvanising our marginalised communities, not just via direct funding but also by endowing them with financial and economic knowledge and skills. We are firm believers in bridging the economic inequality in our nation and that a flourishing economy and greater opportunities will lead to unrivalled growth in other vital sectors.

Our company’s ethos and mission values takes their roots from its parent organization, Bharathi Women’s Development Centre (BWDC), a leading Indian NGO engaged in multifarious social and development activities. BWDC has made a tremendous impact at the grass root level, transforming the lives of thousands of Indian Citizens from underprivileged communities over the past few decades. The organization relentlessly strives to intensify and amplify its humanitarian efforts, with Velicham at the forefront, as one of its leading specialized avenues.

With a skilled and qualified workforce of over 150 staff members and four branches located in Tamilnadu and Pondicherry, Velicham has already bolstered and enriched the lives of 36000 beneficiaries. The remarkable growth of Velicham over such a short span of time, is testament to our unwavering commitment to our values and our clients. Our ‘0’ percent risk in portfolio is the ultimate embodiment of our motto and pledge, towards transforming the socio-economic conditions of the rural people.

Velicham’s ever growing list of beneficiaries from diverse backgrounds, include women entrepreneurs, agriculturists, artisans, self-employed labourers, and traders. One of our biggest success stories was Ms Muthulakshmi, a 42 year old widowed single mother of two children from the Arivizhimangalam village of Thiruvarur district. When Ms Muthulakshmi approached us she was distraught and at a loss. She had been toiling away relentlessly, working day and night at her self-owned petty shop and rearing her backyard poultry. Yet she was barely able to make ends meet. As the sole breadwinner of her household, couples with the responsibility of raising up both her children single handedly, the strain on her was immense. Her second son was about to enroll college and she had no idea how to pay for the admission fees. She was demoralised since she was doing everything she could and yet to no avail. This is where Velicham stepped in to ease the burden and maximise the rewards of Ms Muthulakshmi’s hard work. By funding her, Ms Muthulakshmi was able to expand her business and realise her long-coveted dream of enrolling her son in college. With Velicham intervention, Ms Muthulakshmi’s business expanded and her income was finally matching her level of exertion and endeavour. Ms Muthulakshmi is extremely grateful to Velicham for their guidance and help in her desperate time of need and helping her attain economic independence. She claims she’s never felt in control and in charge of her life, as she does right now.

Ms Sundharavalli is another one of our fond beneficiaries whom we’ll always recall with a smile. An animal lover, she was extremely passionate about them and absolutely loved spending time with them. It wasn’t until our loan that Ms Sundharavalli fulfilled her life-long dream of owning her own cow. Now she has a steady source of income from the dairy yields of her cow but also her life is all the more colourful and gratifying.

Another prime example of Velicham fostering financial innovation for the rural communities would be Ms Amutha. Ms Amutha is a young mother of two, who was involved in the plastic sales business. Unfortunately a lack of investment meant that meant that the business was floundering and on the verge of collapsing. However, with the injection of funds from Velicham at the nick of time, her business was given a lifeline, stabilising her business. “This is the only business we know” claimed Ms Amutha as she thanked Velicham profusely, for pushing her closer to attaining a scalable and a profitable business.

Our thousands of success stories and our unfaltering drive towards transforming the lives of our clients one at a time, will eventually see us attaining our ultimate goal – empowering the rural communities and providing greater opportunities and prospects. We dream of an India where the rural areas are economically independent and its inhabitants, fully exploiting their entrepreneurial skills, much to the benefit of the Indian economy as a whole.


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