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Velicham is a firm advocate of social growth being the driving factor behind a nation’s holistic and accelerated growth. Whilst economical development is the main reason for the overall progress of India, the interdependence between social and economic growth should not be overlooked.

Velicham is a proud exponent of the social progress initiative in India. We take immense pride in our social services and our exclusive policies and projects, solely dedicated to enhancing the social, cultural and sanitary welfare of rural communities.All of Velicham’s loans are exclusively directed to poor women with the aim of enhancing sanitation, education and lifestyle development in rural areas, with eco-friendly products loans being a notable feature too.

Health and Sanitation are two fields which pose the greatest threat to the welfare of our underprivileged communities. Velicham assigns high priority to health and sanitation in particular, and has built over 1250 household toilets through sanitation loans. Not only does Velicham provide financial backing, it also provides on site support to ensure that the toilets fulfil sanitary requirements and are up to the required standards. Velicham also provides supplementary awareness and guidance training sessions on hygienic practice, designed to create behavioral changes towards safe sanitation. Our loans have also played a significant role in boosting the overall sanitation standards of the society, with loans being provided to sanitary napkin manufacturing platforms, led by women for instance.

Velicham’s health and awareness camps has greatly helped the sector of our rural populace who have been afflicted with diabetic and cardiovascular conditions in particular. These two chronic illnesses tend to be major problems in our underprivileged sectors of our society – with individuals lacking the financial means for adequate medical treatment. Velicham, realizes the importance of tackling these chronic health issues at their roots for the betterment of the rural communities. Our camps educate individuals on preventive measures, risk factors and the importance of leading healthy lifestyles, to avert the onset of these diseases and to improve one’s general well-being.

Velichamalso strives to educate its clients on financial literacy by providing  guidance on book maintenance, family budget and saving and thrift management. We place key emphasis on empowering women, who tend to be exploited for their lack of financial knowledge. Our programs help significantly in enhancing our rural population’s financial literacy and security. Our financial counselling has benefited a great deal of the rural masses with our guidance broadening the perspectives of our clients, and setting them on the right path towards financial independence and growth.

The 2018 Gaja cyclone had a devastating effect on the rural masses in particular, with 45 people and thousands of cattle dying, 1000 transformers and 201 electric substations and 56 000 hectares of crops and trees being destroyed. Through our Gaja cyclone relief program, Velicham provided aid and support during different phases of recovery – via immediate relief supplies promptly after the cyclone, and income generation supplies and loans providing sustained support to the people affected by Gaja.

Our value added social services have played a key role in furthering the social, sanitary and financial welfare of various underprivileged communities, and we hope to continue our good work. We aim to intensify our efforts and expand our array of social services, to reach out and aid more disadvantaged communities, for the collective growth of our nation.


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