Nagarajan Muthukrishnan


Nagarajan is the Founder & CEO  of the company. He is a highly qualified intellectual who holds more than 6 academic degrees (M.A., M.S.W., PGDRD, PGDPR, PGDFM, and PGDMM). He has 30-years of versatile experience in Project planning and designing, participatory rural appraisal, water management, capacity building, manpower planning and management, community development and micro-finance.  Nagarajan is also the CEO of Bharathi Women Development Centre (BWDC), (NGO) a highly successful and accomplished Society formed for the development of the rural poor- especially women, operating from Thiruvarur, Tamil Nadu. Under his stewardship, the Society has an impeccable record of 65% growth in its micro-financing activity and financial parameters in the past two years with almost 0% non-performing assets. His leadership and contribution shall play a major supportive role in the development and successful carrying the mission of VELICHAM FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED.

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